Become a Sponsor

Your sponsorship lists your company’s name on this website, as well as in our monthly e email newsletter.  If you wish, your advertisement on our web site can be configured to hyperlink to your web address.  If you do not have a web address, a hyperlink to a summary page about your company can be created.  Currently, our email newsletter mailing encompasses over 350 New England industry professionals. As an added benefit to your sponsorship, Boston SAMPE would be pleased to profile your company in an upcoming publication.  For additional information about your advertising options, call me.

Your sponsorship funds are used by our organization in two primary ways.  On a monthly basis, sponsorship funds specifically support Boston SAMPE to create a technical forum where scientists, engineers and academicians can exchange ideas and promote their views on new materials and processing technology.   Our monthly meeting agendas includes presentations in areas including Nanotechnology, Rheology and Thermal Analysis of Adhesives, Polymer Matrix Composites and Transparent Ceramics for Solid State Lasers. We also host an annual Vendor Night, annual Student Presentation night, and joint meetings with other New England Chapter’s of organizations including ASM and ASC. The second primary application of sponsorship funds helps Boston SAMPE reward students concentrating in relevant aspects of materials and processes such as, plastics or composites engineering. 


Finally, sponsorship funds are used to help defer the costs of larger, more costly, but less frequent, events such as Boston SAMPE Sponsorship of the 32nd International SAMPE Technical Conference.  Without the support and cooperation of Boston SAMPE sponsors, such an event would not have been possible.  Sponsors were an integral and important aspect to the success of the conference and will be to future Boston SAMPE sponsored conferences.